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Preparing and cooking food is one of the most important things in family life. I am not a great cook. My husband is better, I’m more to baking cakes and cookies. But I like to plan. In the past, my husband and I were busy thinking about what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then we will start looking at what we have in the fridge and what needs to be cooked. You know what, It’s very tiring… There are some of the Best Meal Management Tips That Save Your Time out there.

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meal management tips

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Hmm… Ya, you need a meal management system.  You know, it’s not only the office that needs a system. At home, you want to think about what you want to eat also need a system. These meal management systems include 11 tips not only help you to save time, but you can also choose nutritiously and deliciously food for your family, so you do not have to think about what to eat every day.

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In this post, I will share 11 meal management tips you can practice at home, let’s see one by one.

10 Best Meal Management Tips That Save Your Time

11 Best Meal Management Tips That Save Your Time

1. Plan meals once a week – This is better than you have to think about what to eat tonight after you are tired all day working and you lack focus. You do not have to follow the meal plan you plan 100%. But at least you have an idea of ​​what to cook because you know what is in your fridge. Without having to think long, you do not waste time and continue to know what healthy and balanced dinner your family can eat for dinner.

2. Set aside a “shopping day” and a “cooking day” once or twice per week – You need to prepare one or two days for shopping for kitchen items and cooking food. So you have enough food ingredients at the time the food is about to be cooked. During the cooking day, you can cook the food in bulk. Do not forget to label the excess food in an airtight container before putting it in the freezer. You can eat the food by just heating the food on another day.

3. Take advantage of leftovers -. Some people do not like leftovers. They still do not know that leftovers are the basis for fast, easy, creative, and delicious food! For example, let’s say you grilled chicken on Monday. Tuesday morning, you just have to simmer the bones, then serve the chicken noodle soup that night and freeze a few dishes for a simple lunch. On Wednesdays, part of the frozen meat can be a chicken salad for lunch. On Thursday, the rest of the chicken goes into a delicious quesadilla with beans, pepper, and cheese. Anyone who says boring food waste is unaware of their productivity potential!

Best Meal Management Tips

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4. Cook from one pot if possible – Crockpots and pressure cookers are ideal for this purpose. Mix meat, potatoes, vegetables, and seasonings in the morning. Turn on your slow cooker and you can go home with a delicious one-pot dish for the whole family to enjoy.

5. Fried rice or noodles – Fried rice is a common food in Asia. It is not only delicious with various mixtures of meat, chicken, seafood, and vegetables but it is also balanced in terms of nutrients and suitable as a lunch if you want a quick lunch prepared. You just use leftover rice that is already cold or soaks the noodles until soft. Put a little oil in the pan and fry the garlic, followed by the meat and vegetables. After that, add noodles or rice and fry everything in one pan or wok. You do not need to prepare many side dishes because everything is mixed once.

6. Fresh frozen vegetables – Frozen vegetables are better for a number of reasons. These vegetables have been washed and cut for you, so that is a huge time saver. Two, these vegetables are frozen shortly after picking, so the nutritional value is higher than the vegetables in the yield section which is too much time spent during transportation. And three, use a microwave (or even a pan with a little water in it) will steam it in a few minutes to be served with dinner.

7. Shopping at the Market during “not busy” times – People who do not plan ahead find themselves often crowded with many shoppers at the supermarket when shopping for goods. If you know you need to buy your family’s food supply, then be prepared in advance after the children leave for school. Or, if you are a night owl, you can go grocery shopping after dinner.

Meal Management Tips

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8. Mix and match ingredients for different recipes – Another way to make simple and delicious meals is to cook and store items that will be useful in several different recipes throughout the week. For example, if you fry sausages in the afternoon, you can enjoy sausages with potatoes and peppers for dinner. You can also use some sausage to mix into omelets or use sausage to add flavor to peanut, spinach, and pasta dishes. All recipes are different but contain the same ingredients.

9. Discard food that is more than 3 days – Make this a new home rule. Before you put new food in the fridge, remove the old food. We all had old Tupperware full of food 3 days ago and filled the space at the back of the fridge as well as causing a foul smell in the kitchen. Food waste should not be eaten after 3 days. Therefore, you should discard it to prevent it from infecting other fresh food in the fridge.

10. Drink iced tea the fast way – No need to wait for a large pot of boiling water when making homemade iced tea. Simply boil one cup of water in the microwave, then add 8 tea bags and let it boil. Cool with a lump of ice cubes, then pour into jars along with seven more cups of water. Genius!

Best Meal Management Ideas

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11. Choose one or two days a week for meal prep – The last meal management tips, If you have a meal plan for a week, you already know what to cook. You can prepare food ingredients in advances such as cutting onions, garlic, and ginger. Cut the fish, chicken, or meat and separate it into a container. Label the container so that you can easily find it when it’s time to cook. During the cooking day, you do not have to waste time preparing the ingredients and just chopping the vegetables. You can continue with the cooking because everything is already prepared.

Those are the 11 meal management tips I usually use. But you have to be disciplined to follow what you have planned so that everything goes smoothly. Hope what I shared helps ya! That’s all for this post.

Wish you luck!



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