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Since COVID19, my kids can no longer go to school as usual. If I’m not mistaken, in 2020 it was like they only went to school for a few weeks. As a mother, I also feel sorry for them, they can not go to school at home, and they look bored staying at home.

Sometimes they also follow online learning from the school. But, all that is not the same because there are no face-to-face activities with teachers and no games they can play with their friends. 

My children are still young, the oldest is only 8 years old, the second is 6 years old, the third is 4 years old and the fourth is 18 months old. Most of my time is spent caring for the baby. Others? Sometimes I give them time to watch Youtube on TV. Although I do know, youtube has a lot of videos that do not suit their age. I always ask them to turn to Youtube Kids but they think it’s only suitable for the baby. 

I asked them to watch DIY youtube videos, craft activities, and cooking videos. But you know that I’m not 100% of the time I spend watching with them because there are jobs that need to be completed. And without my permission, they always change the videos to something I think is not good for them. 

Youtube is full of violence, which uses cartoon characters and for them it is fun. Very scary isn’t it? If I had an activity I could do with them and they had fun, it would be great.

Because of that, I look for something on the internet, in case there are activities they can do at home. In this post, I would like to share 30 craft indoor activities for children that I gathered from the internet. Easy craft and the material is not very difficult to find. You can use the activity suggestions below with your child. 

I find 5 types of crafts where each type I gathered 6 examples for kid’s activities. So you can do 1 whole month or 30 days activities for your kids to do. 

Easy Crafts Ideas For Kids To Make At Home

30 Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home – Clay

Why Clay?

The activity of using clay is fun for the children as they seem to play with the clay. Kids can shape, press, punch, and more. This clay-shaped activity helps children improve their motor skills because it involves eyes, hand coordination, and builds their motor skills, including the small muscles in the hands and fingers.

In addition, clay also forms the imagination of children to form anything in their thoughts. All you need is clay, brush, color, or other jewelry such as small buttons, glitter (optional).

Clay Crafts For Your Kids

1. Cupcakes – This first activity is called DIY mini clay cupcakes. I got this DIY from Jen Goode’s blog from

2. Necklace -Clay can also be shaped like women’s jewelry such as necklaces. If you have a daughter, maybe this activity is right for your child. You can also make clay as other jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, crowns, and more. Here I include the clay chain from Stef’s blog from 

3. Vase – Clay can also form flower vases. This third activity I took from Craft Box Girls.  The fun of this flower vase made can also be used as a pencil or color holder.

4. Flowers – If we made a vase earlier, why not make a flower. You just need coloring to color the flowers according to your child’s favorite color. You can use a flower mold or shape the flower yourself. It can also be modified as a cute photo holder. You can see it here.

5. Keychain – Kids do love the keychain and hang it in their bags. This activity I took from the blog Artists Helping Children. The activity of making this Valentine’s Day keychain is very simple and you do not have to use any mold.

6. Photo holder – If you can use the flower as a photo holder. This time we made another shape photo holder. This time we made a sheep-shaped photo holder.  

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home – Paper

Why paper?

The activity of using paper you can see it anywhere. Paper is not only easy to find but it is also available in various thicknesses, colors, and shapes. Children use eye and hand coordination like making clay. I list 6 activities using the paper below.

Paper Crafts For Your Kids

1. Paper mask – Making a mask using paper is very easy. All you need are scissors, cardboard, some small jewelry like sequins and glue. You can see the tutorial here in the joy sharing blog 

2. Photo frame – If earlier we have made a photo holder, this time using paper we make a photo frame as well. Producing this photo frame is very easy because you just need to take a picture and produce a photo frame according to your child’s creativity. I included a link from the blog Kitchen Table Classroom for the tutorial. 

3. Flowers – Making flowers using paper is fun and looks beautiful. I took this tutorial from Abbi Kirsten Collections. In this tutorial, he shows how to produce large and beautiful sunflowers.

4. Paper bag – We always see paper bags used in any store. What if you make it with the kids. You just need scissors, paper, and glue to make a cute paper bag. You can see the tutorial on Melissa’s blog at a Happier Homemaker.

5. Cards – Making cards using paper is no stranger. The sky is the limit. You can make various types of cards such as birthday cards, fathers’ mother’s day cards, and more. I shared a tutorial on making paper birthday cards from the blog True Aime Education

6. Birds – Making birds using paper is very easy. This I got from I Heart Crafty Things. Birds can be changed color according to the color of the paper. Kids will love this handicraft.

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home – Button

Why button?

There are many crafts that can be made using buttons. Using the button is very easy, not dirty, and easy to pack. Buttons come in many small and large sizes as well as colorful and shaped. You just have to be careful that the little ones do not put it in their mouths.

Button Crafts For Your Kids
1) Making a headband using a button will look more beautiful because it is colorful. You just need to stick a button on the headband according to your child’s creativity. Buy a blank plastic or rubber headband and you only need glue to attach the button to the headband. Button headband from My Crafty Spot.

2) The use of buttons instead of watercolor is very unique. Best of all, it is not messy. Children just need to stick the buttons according to the color of the real object. Use of green button for trees, blue for rainwater, and others. You can see it at Spring button wall art from Little Family Fun.

3) Another accessory that can be made using a button is a bracelet. No need to glue, you just need to use a small thread. Existing buttons that have holes can be connected using a small strap to form a bracelet. Button bracelet from See Vanessa Craft.

4) Like wall art, you can also shape any kind of animal by using buttons. You can use paper or drawings and paste buttons on part of the animal or all parts of the animal. This is an example of a snail where it patches part with a button to form a snail shell. Button snails from I Heart Arts n Crafts.

5) Fruit can also use buttons. You just need to paste the color of the button that matches the actual color of the fruit. Watermelon button at A Cultivated Nest.

6) Button can also be used to form flowers. You can see the tutorial here Flower button at Crafts On Sea.

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home – Felt

Why felt?

Like paper, felt also has the same features where you can cut the felt and make various shapes with it. The difference is this felt is not easy to tear and easy to sew. Here I list 6 craft felt that your child can do.

Felt Crafts For Your Kids
1. Felt flowers are quite common. Making flowers using felt is fun because it is easily formed into different types of flowers. This tutorial from Mommy Moment does not need to be sewn and only uses glue.

2. Compared to paper, felt is stronger due to its non-easily torn nature. Make a mask using felt looks more neat and beautiful. You can see the animals mask tutorial at Rebecca-Page.

3. Like buttons, you can also make wall art with felt. Just cut felt according to the shape of the object and stick it. You can see the tutorial at Wall art Four Season at Crafts By Amanda.

4. Flowers that your child has made earlier may be used to make various accessories such as bracelets and headbands or necklaces. This tutorial makes a headband and uses flowers felt at Sustain My Craft Habit.

5. Make an icecream board from felt looks yummy because of the colorful felt. Your kids can choose their favorite color and form ice cream they like. You can see the Icecream tutorial at At Home With Natalie.

6. If you have unused paper clips. You can help your child to make bookmarks out of felt. Your child can make different types of animal shapes or anything and attach them to the paper clip. Here I include a tutorial on how to make bird bookmarks from felt from Sustain My Craft Habit

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home – Popsicles

Why popsicles?

Playing with popsicles is fun. You can make anything with popsicles and it is safe to use for children. You can use popsicles purchased at the store or collect from ice cream that has already been eaten. Below are among the 6 crafts that can be made using popsicles.

Popsicles Crafts For Your Kids

1. Making an airplane is very easy by using popsicles. All you have to do is glue on the specific part of the popsicles! You can see the tutorial at

2. This is one of the easiest and most suitable birdhouses for children to make. You can see the tutorial here at Baker Ross.

3. Like airplanes, you can use popsicles to make dragonflies. You can add colors or glitters to make it cuter. Here is a dragonfly tutorial from Mommy Made That.

4. The combination of popsicles with paper can make a cute hand fan. You can see it here at The Idea Room

5. If you have unused doll eyes, you can make monsters out of popsicles. Best of all, your child can create any monster according to their creativity. You can see how to make the cute monster here at I Heart Art N Crafts

6. Kids really like Harry Potter. What if you help your kids to make a magic wand so they can play with their friends. How to make Magic Wand at Creative Family Fun

That is 30 easy craft ideas for kids to make at home. Almost all the ingredients are easily available in the store and your child will definitely not get bored because every day they have activities that you can do with them. That’s all for now, I hope it helps ya!

Happy Crafting!



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