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 5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With

The sound of the alarm woke me up. The clock now shows 4 am. Every day I start the day as early as 4 am. For what? To think of what I can do to improve myself who is always busy with work at school and at home during the day. This is the only time I have to blog and do my business thing.

working mom

I am a teacher who works in a high school, has 4 young children. All under the age of 8. So you can imagine how my daily life is full of busy serving small children as well as entertaining teenagers who need learning from me.

This blog actually existed a year ago, but time is too fast and I do not have time to update this blog. Almost all of my blog time is spent with my other blog, Precious Droplets. I’m a handmade skincare seller, making natural products at home. It is great at the beginning, but as Covid-19 becomes worse, my business becomes slower. I just hate waiting for hours in front of the post office just to ship out my products. Every one needs to wait for long hours because need to follow the SOP.

The shipping days delays and my customer always complain about why it takes so long to reach them. Even though they know, it is not my fault, I need to keep a follow-up where the parcel and inform my customer. I have to wait almost a month just to get my supplies and I just can’t make things because of not enough supplies, as most of my supplies comes from the USA and UK. Even for local, it takes at least two weeks to get my supplies. This Covid-19 situations just make me feel that shipping physical products is really time-consuming and makes me feel this is really exhausted. But as 2020 comes to the end, I realized something that I need to pivot my business as Covid-19 seems not to end.


If you want to know more about me, you can read it on my about me page here. In fact, this blog is actually a place for me to keep all the tips to help a  working mom like me. I’m a full-time high school teacher, mom of four, a wife, and a business owner. So juggling with all these things is not easy but I manage to do all the things alone. Sometimes the day is perfect and sometimes not, whatever happens, I will try to pivot and just go with the flow. I share my tips in this blog, and what I found through my reading and research. If you have the same situation as mine, this blog is for you.

I want a more organized, more productive life and want to have more time with my family. I always dream of working from home and can do what I want to do without anyone bossing around. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching my students, but the rest of other work makes me sometimes hates my job. What most important to me is health, time, and manage my family finances.

This blog exists to help me when I feel down and those who have the same problem. I’m able to overcome some of the problems but still struggle with some of them. Among the problems I often face are:

1) Not enough time- There is too much task I need to do every day, from grading, bookmarking, teaching, writing reports, ( my school tasks) and organize the home, cooking, and make natural products for my family and customer. I also want to have activities with my kids. It feels like too many things going on in a day. So far I’m able to do this, but emergency situations happen and sometimes my plan doesn’t work. I share my tips and how to pivot when emergency situations happen.

TIme management

2) My house full of the mess – As a mom of four, you can imagine what the kids can do to. With less time, I manage to clean the house and organize my home sometimes. I share my routine of how I organize and take care of my house even though I work full time. But this problem is one of my problems until now, I mean, to maintain an organized home is not easy. I still try to manage this, and hopefully, I find something that suitable for my lifestyle.

3) Less time with kids – Whenever I reach home, my kids want to have more time with me to help them with their studies. At first, I don’t know how to do this especially when you have a lot in your mind about how to help my students to excel. But I realized that my kids need me too, I manage my time properly and able to do activities with them. I share what activities I did with 8, 6, 4 years old, and 18 months baby. 

4) I don’t have time to cook healthy recipes – As a working mom, cooking is one of my biggest problems. To be honest, I feel lucky to have a husband that can help me to cook. But to have healthy food is not easy. I will share with you the easiest, healthy food for your family from my finding.

healthy foods

5) Bad financial situation – As Covid-19 occurs, my husband needs to retire from working abroad. So the only work in my family is me. At first, my family’s financial situation is really bad, until I have to borrow some money from a bank to cover my expenses. I need to pay for everything alone. I manage to overcome this problem and I will tell you how I escape from this problem. To be honest I plan to quit my job, how? I don’t know yet. Maybe by becoming a full-time blogger. But I know this will takes time.

6) Sick children – I just hate when my kids get sick. I have to stay up late and work when the morning comes. It makes me feel exhausted, I don’t mean they like a burden but I think there must be something I can do to lessen their sickness. I was struggling with breastfeeding and since that, I always want to give them the best food to keep up their immune system high. I share with you what is the best food and nutrition for kids so they are less sick and full of energy every day.

sick kids

7) Sensitive skin – This is one of my biggest problems also, I just can’t find any drug store products that suitable for my skin. This is the reason why I start my handmade skincare business. I learn how to make my skincare products from the School of natural skincare. I also use my knowledge making skincare to make personal care products for my family. I realized that conventional product full of harmful chemicals and make my skin worse. If you want to learn how to get rid of all the harmful chemical products from your personal care products, I share all my recipes here.

That is the reason, why this blog exists. To help myself and a working mom to find what matters to their life. Yes, I need to work, but family is my priority. I hope these clarify you, and if this sounds like you. Join me today and subscribe to my blog. I’ll share whenever a new post is ready and more tips for you.

Last but not least, Have a great day ya!


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