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The clock now shows at 5.00 pm. Now is my time to go home. I can’t wait to go home, I’m tired of working all day at the office. What was playing on my mind at the moment was that I just wanted to get home and relax.

As soon as I got home, the children greeted me. It was fun to see them so happy to see me home. I opened the door of the house and… Oh god, I left this house very neatly this morning, and now it seems like it has not been cleaned for days.;-(

The sink is full of dishes, toys are full on the floor. There are pieces of biscuits on the floor, the cloth is outside the basket, maybe the kids are looking for clothes before and there is lunch leftover on the dining table. How do I want to rest if the house is like this? Huh… Have you ever experienced a situation like this?

I just want to make my home clean and organized because I want to rest peacefully. But if the house is dirty and unorganized, this not only causes stress but also causes the feeling of not wanting to go home.

Being a working mom, the time I have to be at home is too short. There must be something I can do. So I look for ways to make my house organized, although not perfect, at least it is not a messy home.

Oo… How wonderful if I have a housemaid. Hmm… Just forget it! Sorry, I always like this… I always dreaming about it. But all that is just a fantasy. For now, I still have to do all this.

Hi! How was your day? Hopefully, everything is fine. Haha! The introduction is quite long, sorry about that. In this post, I want to share a few tips on how to get an orderly and organized house in less time.

It may not be as perfect as a 5-star hotel, but at least it doesn’t hurt your eyes to see a messy and unorganized home all the time. Before that, who likes the hotel atmosphere? What if you go home and see your house tidy, Looks neat and clean like a hotel.

Organizational tips for the home
Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels

An orderly home actually affects the health of the mind. Like I said earlier, I like the feeling staying at the hotel, with its calm atmosphere, organized things. Easy to look for clothes, to look for things.

And we can survive even if we don’t have a lot of stuff, right? With that little item, we feel happy because there is not much to clean and organized.

Our minds are calmer, and every time we are tired of the streets outside we can’t wait to go back to the hotel to relax. Although we have children. There is definitely housekeeping that will help clean the room and our room will get in a clean and organized state.

I always read a book or a blog on Organizational Tips For The Home. And finally, I get to find something that is suitable for my lifestyle.

6 Organizational Tips For The Home

Ok let’s stop dreaming, let’s see what are the 6 Organizational Tips For The Home are.

1) Declutter your home

Dispose of all damaged or unused items. If it is still in good condition and usable, sell it at a low price or donate to those in need. That is at least rewarding to get money from something that you don’t use anymore. If you want to save for a collection of old clothes, take only one or 2 pieces. Others donate.

Photo by from Pexels

Clear your home and keep the essentials and use them only. More empty space, it’s easy for you to clean later. The time it takes to clean up is minimal and you have more time for other more important work.

A broken chair just throws it away. Why do you want to save if not used? The less furniture you have, the more spacious your home will look.

A little clothes do not need a lot of storage space. No need to keep old clothes, because it will deteriorate and eventually discarded as well. In short, be a minimalist.

That means to save only what is needed and used. If you have stored something for too long and not use it in 6 months .. it means it is useless.

If you do not want to throw away, donate with other family members. So at least you can still see it when you go to your family members’ house.

2) Sort by function, size or color

Arrange them all according to their respective categories. For example you can arrange clothes in one place only, there should not be two or three different places. Make sure it is organized by size or color or arrange clothes by day.

Buy hangers in abundance, to reduce folding of the clothes. Tired of folding cloth? Separate the children’s clothes into 3 baskets if you have 3 children. Why don’t you fold the first basket today in 5 minutes?

Make a second basket tomorrow. You know, if you want to make everything it will take time, so when is the time to rest right. At least you only can see a little cloth in front of your eyes.

Arrange the pantry according to function, spices one place, baking items one place, sauce one place.

Arrange the children’s toys according to their respective bins. So we know who does not arrange toys.

Arrange as needed, items that are often used are placed in the most accessible parts, and those that are used once or once a month are placed in areas that are rarely opened.

3) Use a covered bin

I’m not telling you to buy a new bin, but you can have a DIY bin or use a container that you have. The covered container not only looks neat but it also looks more organized and easy to arrange.

If you do not have time to fold the cloth one by one, why not buy a drawer or a closed container, segregate according to the children. Make two compartments, a shirt, and pants. Just put on their shirt and pants without having to fold. You know, separating clothes is more easier right.

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

Look at the above image, it also looks neat (This is if you really do not have time) Or you can just tie a shirt and pants together, no folding needed and it easy for children to take their clothes without having to look for shirts and pants separately. Just take one shirt, the pants will come together with it because you tie it.

I segregate toys according to the child. Whose toy is on the floor I pick up and they can not play with the toys in a few days? Kids love their toys, make them have a sense of responsibility to store and take care of their belongings. Or you also can separate the toys by day.

For example, on Monday open category A-toys only, on Tuesday other toys. Minimize the games they play in. So they don’t have to play with all the toys, it’s easy for the kids to tidy up later, right?

4) Labeling

I like to label. You can buy a blank label near the supermarket and just write or you can print to look neater. Just label everything, kitchen items, even craft items, toys, clothes, files, everything.

Get used to each item having its own “home”. The home for the car keys, umbrella, toy bin, and books or magazines. Among the labels in my house are spices in bottled, drinks such as milk, coffee, and tea in each container, keys, shoe racks, bookshelves.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Sometimes it is difficult for us to follow, especially when the storage area is far away from us. But when there is this label, it helps me to put it back in its original place because I see the label.

Make it a habit, because it is better than you have to waste time looking for it later. The way I label it may be a bit different, I did not write “keys” but “for keys only”. The word “only” caused me not to put anything other than the key.

This also makes it easier for you to ask for help from your children or husband, to pick up items when you are not at home. Train your children to do the same.

5) Schedule everything

These five tips are very important to make sure everything runs smoothly. Finding a work-life balance as a working mom is difficult. So, you need to schedule everything. Set a time when you want to do a job. For example. In a month choose a specific date to deep clean the room, kitchen, arrange clothes, clean the bathroom.

Make a morning routine such as making the bed, disposing of trash, and an evening routine such as sweeping or vacuuming the house. Take 5 minutes to clean the bathroom before bathing.

Use 5 minutes to make the bed every time you wake up. Take 15 minutes to clean the bedroom every Monday or take 15 minutes to clean the living room every Tuesday. Do not do it all at once. You see the idea, right?

The time you need to tidy up the room will be less and the room will always look tidy. You will also not be too tired to do everything in a long time

6) Ask for help.

Ask for help from your husband or children. Give them specific tasks to reduce your workload, making sure all family members are involved. Train children from the age of 4 or when they are already beginning to understand simple instructions.

Give them a reward if the children succeed in doing a task well or when they succeed in keeping their toys in order.

What I do is, my kids need to make sure their toys are arranged in their respective bins before playing outside. My eldest son who is 8 years old will sweep the floor, my second child who is 6 years old is packing toys and my third child who is 4 years old is picking up toys on the floor. Perform assignments according to their age.

My baby is put in a coat, and when the kids play outside, I use this time for cooking. No more need to sweep and tidy up because the kids are already helping.

The Last Thing You Need To Know about Organizational Tips For The Home

In conclusion, home organization is very important for a better life. You do not need to buy extra items to organize your stuff. Be a minimalist, in addition to saving you will also always be organized and clean. Hopefully what I am sharing this helps you to get an orderly home. So, that’s all about 6 Organizational Tips For The Home.

Hope these help ya!

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