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Hi everyone! Since covid-19, as we know some have lost their jobs and some have had to work at home to prevent public places from becoming crowded. As an introvert, I honestly always dream of working from home and being with my kids all the time. Every time I work I can’t wait to go home.

This does not mean I hate my job, I love teaching. But for some reason, my mind prefers to be at home, and because of covid-19, I had to teach at home. To me, it is a little less effective than teaching my students in the class face to face. But I am happy because there is no need to iron clothes, no need to get ready and just wear shorts at home without having to think about the dress code.

There are some problems that arise when I work at home, among them are I am less focused because the children are noisy, I have to be my child’s teacher at the same time during my class, I have to cook, organize the house, take care of the baby and so on. In short, my task became double.

But there are also things that are fun for me when working at home, I do not have to chase to get ready for school, fewer meetings with colleagues, and I can do my job while watching my children at home. To me, it was a great satisfaction.

Productivity Tips For Working From Home

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When I have to work from home, to make sure everything runs smoothly, there are some productivity tips that I follow.

18 Productivity Tips For Working From Home For Moms

Productivity Tips For Working From Home

Schedule Everything

1) Use apps or journal – To prevent you from forgetting important tasks, use certain apps such as Trello, Evernote, or use your journal planner which you can always refer to. You can also put your to-do list on the wall to make sure you do it all.

2) Wake up early – I am a morning person, so this is not something new for me. Before working from home, every day I start as early as 4 am to do things related to blogs and business to ensure my work is done productively at work.

But now I have to change a little what I do in the morning. In addition to doing business matters, any work related to my job as a teacher such as making question papers, making reports, or anything that requires focus and without interruption I do in the morning.

This makes it easier for me because I work in a quiet and uninterrupted state. I divide my time by one hour for teacher work and one hour for business. My children usually wake up at 6-8 in the morning.

3) Schedule an important meeting – Despite working from home, meetings still run as before, only it is fewer. If there is any meeting that requires me to be in front of my laptop I will ask for my husband’s help to take care of the children. I will post their favorite videos on tv and I will do it in the room without interruption.

4) Divide work into small chunks – Work at home is not like in the office where we can focus directly for an hour to do work. So I divide each of my tasks into smaller tasks. If before I used 1 hour to complete the bookmarking for 20 students, I would take 10 minutes and dispersed throughout the day. I will work in small chunks and do not feel too burdened to finish it all at once.

5) Schedule time with children – Children need us. While at home they definitely want time with them for them to study or do other activities. I will usually limit the time to 1 hour a day were half an hour in the morning and half an hour after dinner. Take turns with the husband to teach the children.

6) Schedule time for cleaning and organizing the house – Clean and organized home makes you focused and happier. It will make you finish your office task earlier because you are more focused without thinking about an unorganized house.

Take Care Of Your Health

7) Drink enough water- While working at the office, I always put water on my table, so I do not forget to drink water. But at home, it is quite problematic for me to do this because there is too much to do. I will put 1 liter in my workroom and 1 more liter in the living room to make sure I do not forget to drink water.

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8) Cook healthy foods early – If there are busy days, I will cook early or just eat leftovers. It is better if you have prepared freeze food a week in advance and just heat the food without the need to cook. Never skip meals and eat healthy foods to keep yourself energized and focus.

9) Sleep early – My husband is a night person so he prefers to work at night. If you are a night person like my husband you can do it like that. But for me as a morning person, I prefer and focus to work early in the morning where I still have more energy to speed up my work.

Compared to when at night, I am tired after doing many things during the day. I will go to bed as early as 9 am to make sure I have enough 7 hours to sleep because I need to get up at 4 am.

10) Do not forget to exercise – Take 20 minutes to exercise. Go out to the yard once in a while to get some fresh air. In addition to having to take care of drinking and eating, you also need movement to maintain a healthy body.

11) Prepare a healthy snack – You need energy so make sure you prepare healthy food such as beans or seeds so you do not have to walk to the kitchen when hungry.

12) Take short breaks -Take 5 minutes to rest immediately after you work continuously for 25 minutes. This technique is known as the Pomodoro technique. You can do some light exercise or drink coffee before continuing your work.

Avoid Distractions

13) Less watching tv and social media- Unlike at work, at home, we are more relaxed when there are a sofa and tv, and we can always see our bedroom. It is easy for us to watch our favorite dramas or movies at any time or browsing social media. Limit a specific time to watch your favorite dramas or Facebook. Make it as a reward after finishing your job. Or you can make a schedule when you need to watch tv.

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14) Discipline – This is one of the most important. If you have been watching tv or social media sometimes we do not realize the time has passed. Especially when we browse Facebook to see a friend’s activity, or suddenly read something fun or watch a drama series.

As you know, the drama series is really good at putting the scene at the end of each episode and makes you wonder to watch the next episode. Set the alarm clock on your mobile phone and set any motivation word that makes you stop. For example, when the alarm sounds there is a warning on your smartphone screen said for you to stop “TV time is over!”

15) Ask for help – When you are too busy, ask for help from your husband or children to do whatever you can. This is to ease the work at home and it is faster to complete. Discuss with your husband that you also need time to work from home and complete work from the office. Ask for help from a personal shopper to buy items if too busy.

16) Do not procrastinate – When you have free time or you finish task A quickly, use the time you have scheduled to do task B. Every moment even just 5 minutes is worth it. For example, if you need to wash the dishes in 10 minutes and sweep the floor in 10 minutes, you can sweep the floor early if you finish the dishes in 5 minutes. So you finish both tasks in 15 minutes only.

17) Provide a clean and tidy workplace – Provide a room or if there is not, use a table facing the wall without interruption of tv or windows. Make sure your workplace is always tidy and clean to evoke enthusiasm. You will be more focused than looking at a dirty or unmanageable desk. Clear the table of any unrelated items.

Productivity Tips For Working From Home

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18) Be flexible – Working at home is just a hassle. Be a flexible person. Do not force too much to prepare everything at once. If there is a disturbance or emergency case happen, stop immediately and schedule it later.

That’s 18 Productivity Tips For Working From Home For Moms. Being a productive person helps you accomplished more tasks and makes you feel great. If you can’t follow all the tips all at once, don’t worry. Start step by step and try one tip first to make it a habit before starting new tips. That’s what I did before. It maybe takes time to become a habit, but it will pay off.

Hope these help ya!




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