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During this pandemic, you have to work at home or maybe you still working at the office. Hmm, no matter where you work you still need a desk to work with, a desk to type, write, and do all the tasks given. Before that, is it easy to work at your desk? If yes, congratulations, but if not, there must be something uncomfortable on your desk. Have you ever searching for small desk organization ideas so that you can work comfortably?

If now your desk is unorganized, full of unnecessary things that should be not on your table. Or you think, your table is too small and you need a bigger table. If you experienced some of this problem, this time I want to share 11 easy small desk organization ideas so that it is more organized and orderly. Honestly, my desk is not perfect but I learned how to make it comfortable for me to do work. So if you also have a problem like this, let’s see what we can do.

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 Small Desk Organization Ideas – On The Table

The desk is the place where you do your work. What is important is to be a minimalist. Why? A table that looks empty and organized makes you more focused when doing work than a desk filled with various items. So what should be on your desk?

Everyone has a different job, maybe what is important to you is not the same for me, whatever if what I listed is not relevant, you just ignore it and just take what suits you.

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1. List the essentials – First of all, you need to list what you use every day. I mean something that must exist. If this thing does not exist, you can not do the work. Understand what I mean. For me, as a teacher, I always need the following items:

  • Laptop – For me to prepare lesson plans, make reports, and access the internet.
  • Pen – I always need a red pen to bookmark, I also need a black or blue pen to take notes.
  • Mechanical pencils, lead, rulers, and erasers – When I need to draw or sketch something I need a pencil to do it. Erasers should be present once to facilitate correction incase of incorrect drawing.

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  • Notebook – I am a traditional person, I prefer to use a small notebook instead of using a smartphone. I will write down any reminders that need to be prepared immediately.
  • A4 paper – I always need A4 paper to print the report I produce. So make sure you also have A4 paper near you if you need it like I do.
  • Scissors, small knives, glue, and tape – Sometimes I need scissors, small knives, glue, or tape to stick or cut paper.
  • Marker pen – I use a marker pen to teach, maybe you use it for your presentation. If yes, you might need some.
  • Stapler and bullet – I use a stapler to staple important reports.
  • Highlighter – Highlighter is used when there are important points that I need to mark in the document.
  • Correction fluid – To delete errors in a report using a pen.
  • Rubber Stamp – As a teacher, this is important to me, maybe you also have it if relevant.

rubber stamp for small desk organization ideas

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  • Files – Important files for me to keep reports. I have several file types for different reports.
  • Reference books – Maybe you also have a company book that needs to be referred to regularly. I have some reference books as a teacher.
  • Family photo – A family photo is important for me to put on my desk to be more focused while working. It always reminds me that I work for them.
  • Mirror – You need to always take care of your appearance. So make sure there is a mirror on your desk. So, you don’t need to go to the toilet just for checking your face.
  • Sticky notes – I always place instructions for my students using sticky notes. You might need that as a reminder.
  • Calendar – An important calendar to mark any important event or date. So make sure you have a calendar.

Okay, already listed all of the essential things, now let’s arrange where to put all this.

2. Provide a big pencil box for stationary – All small stationery such as pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, correction fluid, stapler and bullet, highlighter, and ruler you keep in a closed big pencil case. I put this pencil case on the top right of the desk to make it easier for me to reach it.

stationary for small desk organization ideas

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Avoid placing the pen in the container with your intention to make it easier for you because the pen placed like this is easy to lose and anyone can pick it up and not return it. If you still want it on your desk, I suggest you tie the pen.

3. Prepare a small shelf – For this small shelf try to find the simplest. The purpose is to keep the documents that you will use that day. If there is a report from a colleague that you need to use right away it is easy for your friend to put any report on this shelf. I keep this on the right side of my desk. This is also where I put the pencil case, rubber stamp, and my small notebook.

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4. Water bottle – I always place a water bottle on the left side of my desk. So you will always remember to drink water when you are thirsty.

5. Family photo – I put it on the left side next to the water bottle.

6. Mirrors and calendars – I put a mirror in the middle in front of me along with the calendar.

7. Sticky notes – My desk has a divider, so on the left side of my desk, I place some sticky notes.

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So, that’s what’s on my desk. My desk space is empty to make it easier for me to use my laptop while working, and when I close my laptop I will see a mirror and a calendar in front of me.

 Small Desk Organization Ideas – Below The Table

8. Medium-sized shelves – If you have storage space or cabinets behind you, or maybe elsewhere, you can keep files that were not used that day, you only take those files when using them. This ensures that your desk is not crowded with rarely used files. But if you do not have a cabinet, you can buy a medium-sized shelf or a small cabinet for you to place under the table or on the right side of your table.

9. Bag – The shelf where you put the files you can put your bag on it. I never put my bag on my table unless I want to take something.

10. Drawer – If your desk has a drawer. This is better because you can clear your desk and look neater. I put scissors, tape, knives, and glue in the first drawer. My second drawer puts a reference book arranged vertically. It’s easier to take out and put the book back in the drawer if I arrange it vertically.

11. Labels – Okay last but not least, label each file, your rack, and your drawer. This makes it easier for you to find files or items when you need them. Make sure each item has its own home.

So, those are the small desk organization ideas I use in the office. But if you work at home make it the same, the difference is I don’t have to bring all the unused files home. I arrange in the same way as the office to keep me focused while working at home. I hope this post helps ya.

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