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The Beginners Guide to Work-Life Balance For Working Mom

Hi! In today’s post, I will share the beginner’s guide to work-life balance as a working mom.

As a high school teacher, I teach exam classes and busy making sure the grade of the subject I teach is always at an excellent level.

I teach at one of the boarding schools in Malaysia. And when students stay in this hostel, they will never miss night classes and weekend classes, especially when the exam is almost near.


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The teachers here are also very dedicated to ensure that the students succeed in their respective subjects. In short, the teachers here are also competing to raise their subjects.

As a school filled with intelligent students, the problem of students not being able to score is not a problem of the students only, but also teachers. Teachers are required to find ways to help students and if they fail, teachers are also to blame.

I went to work as early as 6.30 in the morning. The classes start at 7.00 am and working hours end at 2.30 pm. If there are co-curricular activities or meetings I have to stay back until 4 pm and this usually happens on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Sometimes I need to stay until 4 every day when I have to substitute any teachers that not in school or I have extra classes.

The beginners guide to work life balance for working mom

What is Work-Life Balance For Working Mom

As a mother of 4 children, it once crossed my mind to quit my job and take care of my children at home. There is no need for me to send them to the nursery and let others take care of them. But I could not avoid this situation.

“Mother, why do you work every day? Why does my friend’s mother doesn’t work and can stay at home?”

“Why you work again tonight? you already worked this morning.”

These are the questions my kids often ask me. Every day, even though I have repeatedly told them the reason I work.

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“I need money for us to eat and buy necessities, school expenses, and so on. If I do not work, then we will not be able to buy food, new clothes, and toys.”

Maybe my kids are fed up with that answer. I’m not sure if they understand or not with the answer, because every day they still ask.

My life as a working woman resulted in me often not having time with the children, often tired when arriving home, and causing the house to be unmanageable.

I keep thinking, this is not the life I want…

The Beginner’s Guide To Work-life Balance As A Working Mom

I started looking for solutions to what I could do to make my life easier. I started reading various books, learning in online courses, and asking other friends.

Some have the same problem as me but they say there is nothing they can do.

I do not believe in that. I work for my children and to buy the necessities of life for my family. My time does not seem to be enough.

Everything is chaotic. If I had more than 24 hours a day, this problem would not have arisen. But that is not possible. Everyone only has 24 hours a day.

If I only worked 4 hours a day …
If I didn’t have to work …
It’s best to work from home …
Oh, if only I had more time …
If I had a lot of money …

All of this plays on my mind every day. All this because of money. What matters in my life is that my family is not my job. But because of the pursuit of money to support a family, my focus seems to be more on my job.

Tips for Success in Work-Life Balance For Working Mom

After long thinking, I know my biggest problem is time. I could not have had more time if the situation continued like this.

the beginner's guide to work-life balance

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So, what I do is first and foremost, identify the priorities in your life. List what you want and what you can do to overcome the problem:

1) I want to spend more time with my family – I want more time with the children, doing activities with them, and teaching them. With this, I have to get rid of all the non-essential activities.

I no longer bring homework, reduce Facebook and other social media, watch less tv, and limit when I have to check emails and school groups for only half an hour a day. My mobile phone is kept away from my view to avoid me wasting time by serving my mobile phone.

family time

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I did my tomorrow schedule the night before. I always imagine what will happen tomorrow. So I’ll never miss any important task and finish my task on time.

2) I want a neat and tidy house – How easy would it be if this house was empty? Definitely always neat and easy for me to clean. But that is not possible. What I do, I become a minimalist.

Get rid of all the unnecessary, old clothes, old books and I reduced the furniture. The less furniture the less time I need to tidy up the house. Fewer clothes to fold and fewer toys and books to pack. Here I share 6 Secrets Organizational Tips For The Home.

organize home

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I teach my kids to fold their own clothes, wash their own dishes, and sweep the floor. There’s a time where I just let them play and the house is a mess, but I always remind them to pack their toys after play by giving them boxes for each of them. At least I can’t see the toys on the floor after that.

Wash the dishes after eating is a must. Always empty the sink and dining table. I spend my 30 minutes in the morning after do my blogging stuff to organize my house. And another 30 minutes in the evening. Every day is a different room, if Monday is the kitchen then Tuesday will be another room.

3) I want time alone to do what I love – I love writing blogs and reading motivational books. I also need time to study online courses and manage my business.

All I do is find a time where my kids sleep, the situation is quiet and I am free to do what I like. I wake up as early as 4 am every day. And I have 1 hour on weekdays and 2 hours during the weekend. This is the only free time I have. I do my own stuff without worrying about work and housework.

mom relax

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I DIY most of my family’s personal product. I use 2 hours per week for this during the weekend.

I want to reduce toxic products in my house. But sometimes emergency things come in, and I’m flexible to use the conventional products for my body. (My face is exceptional as it too sensitive to conventional products). As a working mom, my time is limited, so I always think moderation and flexibility is the key.

4) I want healthy children and a healthy body – To work and manage this house at one time, I need to always be energetic and healthy.

Getting a healthy body is not easy. I need to exercise and practice a healthy diet. I need to find a healthy menu that can be prepared quickly. I buy multivitamins, superfoods and drink more water.

I reduce sweet food and processed food in our family diet. We eat more real food like seeds, nuts, fruit, and veggies. Kids are still kids, they love chocolate and cakes. I just make sure they eat more real food than sweet and processed foods.

woman exercise

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I exercise 20 minutes 3 times per week with my kids every evening. I sleep as early as 9pm and make sure I get at least 7 hours to sleep.

5) Beauty- Which woman does not want beauty. My skin used to be full of acne and sensitive because I changed products too much just because I wanted a face as smooth as an advertising model.

There was no suitable product so I almost gave up. I switched to a natural lifestyle by making my own products. For now, my skin is not perfect, but better than before. I want to age gracefully and not want to age prematurely. I want to look presentable and healthy skin adds to my confidence.

Common Questions/FAQ About Work-Life Balance For Working Mom

  • There Are Too Many Tasks To Do, I Don’t Know Which One To Start First.
    • The key is routine. I always have only three big tasks to do every day. I have my morning routine and evening routine. Ask for help from your husband and your kids. If the task is not important just don’t do it and delete the task from your list.

to do lists

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  • How Can I Get More Energy To Do All These?
    • Bring your superfood bars everywhere. I always have crackers in my bag (make sure the healthy one).
    • Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Make sure you have 2 liters of water bottles on your working desk. If that doesn’t help, make an alarm to drink every 1-2 hours. Eat less processed food, and don’t forget to eat your multivitamin.
  • How Can I Reduce Stress?
    • Find time to do what you love. By the way, exercise also helps to reduce stress. Have fun with friends once a week. Reward yourself every time you did a difficult task. I always said to the mirror every day, I love myself. Try to think all task is a challenge, not a burden.
  • I Have Too Many Work To Do, I Need To Bring My Work Home
    • Try to find any gap during working hours. Working as smart as possible. You’ll have time to rest and plan your day. Reduce chatting, avoid procrastination. Focus do one task at a time. You’ll be amazed at how much free time you have during work.

work from home

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  • What Is Mommy Guilt?
    • If you always think you are not a good mom, this is called mommy guilt. Try to focus more on the positive things you’ve done rather than you cannot do. As a human, we are not perfect, forgive yourself more and always ask for help if you need it.
  • I Already Plan Everything, But I Can’t Follow My Plan Perfectly.
    • Focus more on the three most important big tasks. If you can do it first, do it. Do it when you have the most energy. Find the reason why you can’t follow your schedule, is it your phone, checking email, or maybe someone visits?
    • If it because you too easy to lose focus because doing something else like phone, hide your phone from your sight. If it because of external reasons like someone visits, next time tell them to tell you first before they came. Try to say no if it is not important.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Work-Life Balance For Working Mom

Life is never been easier as a mom. We never try to be a perfect mom. But try to become as flexible as you can and focus on what matters to your life. Just do the important task and leave the unimportant tasks.

A lot of moms out there face the same problem, I have my own problem and so do you. At the end of the day, we just want to do what we love the most.

Last but not least, prioritize your family and do what makes you happy. If you like this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Subscribe to my blog, so you’ll never miss a post.

Hope These Helps Ya;-)


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