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Best Tips How To Be Productive As A Working Mom

Being a working mother is not easy. I have to wisely manage my work at school and at the same time manage my work at home.

Yes, I am tired of facing all this and sometimes it is difficult for me to complete all the work.

Honestly, many people dispute how a working mother balances working life and motherhood. Rarely do we hear if this happens to the father.

Probably also because in the old days a mother just sat at home and this is a synonym that the mother must also do work at home. I don’t know that sometimes the view of society is very different for women.

13 Easy Tips How To Be Productive As A Working Mom

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Hmm… It’s okay, just forget it. This time I wrote a post not to blame the community about working mothers.

But to help working mothers to be more productive in facing their working days as well as managing life as a mother at home.

What is Productivity?

According to Wikipedia Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of production.

Often, a productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of aggregate output to a single input or an aggregate input used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input, typically over a specific period of time.

Hmmm.. Okay maybe too complicated huh.

Let’s find something simpler, according to Tonny Robbins, productivity is actually getting the results you want with less time and effort.

When you’re trying to understand how to be productive, what you’re really seeking is a way to achieve your goals while having time to spend on what matters. Okay, I like this one better.

Why does Working Mom Not Productive?

As a working mother, we have two different worlds. In one world we have to comply with our boss to do all the work directed, and in another, we need to be at home to take care of the children and manage the house.

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As a mother, we can’t escape away from the responsibility of managing our children. We always want the best for them. The reason I work is to meet the needs of them and myself. These are all real money reasons.

If I have a lot of money, I will definitely not work. But everyone needs money, there are bills that need to be paid, there are cars and houses that need to be paid.

And frankly, I say I do not like living just enough money, I need more to buy what I want. Sorry, that is my view, maybe your view is different. Okay, let’s move on.

The biggest problem a working mother has is time. Our focus is divided into two. Workplace and home. Compared to non-working mothers, their focus is only one, which is their life at home.

I’m not saying the unemployed mother was not busy, but since Covid hit, I have had to work from home and take care of the house and children all day for 3 months. Frankly,  I say I enjoy being at home more.

When I am at home, the work at home can be completed according to the time I set and I do not have to mess around to make it all.

When working, we spend more than 8 hours at work. And this makes time at home just a little. That’s why many working mothers are busy complaining, there is no time to do all this. It’s all because of the little time.

Tips How To Be Productive As A Working Mom

Best Tips On How To Be Productive As A Working Mom

As a result of the books, blogs, and courses I read and studied, I listed 13 tips on how to be productive as a working mom. All these tips, I practice daily and succeed with it. So, let’s dive in…

  • Tip 1: List Tomorrow 3 Most Important Tasks 
    • Make sure you list the 3 biggest tasks today to do tomorrow.
    • For example, if you want to do the three biggest tasks on Monday, list the 3 lists on Sunday. This task is the most important where you need it ready immediately.
    • Write how many hours or minutes you need to finish the task on a piece of paper.

to do lists

  • Tip 2: Imagine the situation that will happen tomorrow.
    • Ya sounds weird, but this is what I did. After you list all the three tasks, you need to imagine how your life will happen tomorrow. Take a piece of paper and write all things that will happen tomorrow.
    • For example; Wake up, make the bed, make breakfast, bathe, wear cloth, eat breakfast, drive go to work ( write the things you need to do until you go to work). This maybe sounds silly, but write everything!
  • Tip 3: Insert time for each task
    • Now insert time for each task. Make sure you insert a suitable time-frame so you’ll never feel it is too hectic for you. If you need 15 minutes to eat your breakfast. Just write it.
    • For example, Make the bed 5 minutes, make breakfast 15 minutes, bathe 10 minutes, wear cloth 10 minutes, drive 30 minutes.
  • Tip 4: Move backward
    • What I mean is, if you start work at 8.00 am, you need to drive at 7.30 am from home. 
    • So, it will become something like this:

Wakeup – 6.45 am

Make the bed – 6.50 – 6.55 am

Make breakfast – 6.55 – 7.10 am

Bathe – 7.10-7.20 am

Wear cloth – 7.20-7.30 am

Drive – 7.30-8.00 am

Arrive At The Office – 8.00 am

    • I hope you understand what I mean, do the same thing for the rest of the other task. Insert your 3 most important tasks wherever suitable. This is an example of a morning routine, if yours a bit different from this, you can change it to fit your situation.

make a schedule for mom

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  • Tip 5: Hide Your Phone.
    • Okay, now you have your daily schedule. Let’s talk about distraction. Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone. Phones nowadays are not only used for making calls but also sending SMS, pictures, and even the ability of smartphones to access the internet makes any information now at your fingertips.
    • Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter make us often want to get information about other friends. Shopping can also be done online, in short, anything now needs a smartphone.
      Until we can watch a movie for hours on end. And this all takes your time without you realizing it. Hmm… Why do we return the function of the phone to the old days?
    • I mean, just for calling and SMS only. Store your phone in a drawer, or any place you do not see. Turn on the volume and just leave it there. The phone only rings when someone calls you.
      You will be surprised that you actually wasted a lot of time all this time. If it is difficult to start, try with an hour first and increase the time every day.
  • Tip 6: Learn To Say No
    • If your friend wants to take you out, chat or do anything unimportant, learn to say no. Without us realizing it, because we are too eager to take care of the feelings of others, our own feelings have to be sacrificed.
    • Learning to say no does show you are setting boundaries and others will not expect anything from you. To take care of other people’s feelings, you can use the following examples:
    • ” I’m sorry I want to participate but there is something I have to deal with this afternoon”, or
      ” Forgive me, that sounds fun, but I have other business maybe next time”.
    • Keep busy with something important for your life. Your time is precious. Use it as best you can.
  • Tip 6: Focus on one thing at a time
    • Select one task at a time. Do not multitask. Focus on one task so that it is completed quickly and you can complete it with quality.
    • For example, if you are preparing a report in the office, do not open another tab of your computer. Or looking at Facebook at the same time. That will delay the time to complete your report.
    • Except for tasks that require you to wait such as washing clothes using a washing machine, you can do other work while waiting for clothes ready to be washed.
    • You know, don’t need to wait in front of the washing machine. That’s wasting your time.
    • If you do homework such as cleaning the house, turn off the tv, or put your smartphone in the room. Focus on one task, and you will see you can get everything done quickly.

focus mom

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  • Tip 7: Ask For help
    • If your work is too much, why not ask for help from your husband or children. My husband and I always take turns cooking.
    • My children, I trained to sweep the house and fold the cloth as early as 5 years old. Kids feel really fun when they can help their parents to complete their housework.
    • If your child prefers to use a smartphone, why not start today with a smartphone as a reward when they sweep or tidy their room. Get used to them helping you from a young age.
    • For office work, it can be quite difficult to enlist the help of others, unless you are a leader who can direct your subordinates. Remember! Do not do last-minute work. Do the work as soon as you accept the assignment even if the deadline is late.
    • If you are a leader, try to distribute work well and do not share last-minute work. Give deadlines for the work you provide and often update your employees about their duties.
  • Tip 8: Limit social media, unsubscribe from an unimportant email, tv, and other distracting things
    • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and many other social media are very interesting to you. You enjoy watching the activities of your friends and other family members. But did you know that there is a lot of time spent watching these useless activities for hours?
    • Social media is made to attract your attention so that you are always online and they can display various ads according to your interests.
    • Social media actually influence you and they can give you ads that you eventually buy. That’s how they make money. Find one time in a day, for example, 30 minutes. Sound the alarm when the time is up.
    • Unsubscribe from emails you do not read. You must have received many emails but you did not open and read them. Subscribe to important emails only.
    • If you like watching dramas or tv. Limit your time to 1 hour a day, record the movie if possible. Make it a reward and watch it on the weekends.

  • Tip 9: Do Shopping online or Shop in Batch
    • Nowadays you do not have to go to the supermarket to buy goods. You do not have to wait in line to get your necessities. Except for wet goods, if your area is unable to make deliveries, why not use a personal shopper or runner.
    • Limit shopping once a month or once every 2 weeks for household items. But if you yourself want to go with the purpose of therapy (Like me, I really like shopping and that calms me down) shopping when people are not crowded. Arrive early when the new store opens early in the morning, and you do not have to line up long when making a payment.
    • Make sure you buy necessities according to the list you have made. Arrange your list according to the order of the shelves in your market. I mean, if you buy biscuits, make sure you write down other items like oats or other items that are located on the same rack with the biscuits. So you do not have to go to the shelf twice to find other items.
    • You can also batch shopping. I usually divide when I shop for wet goods and when shopping for dry goods. Remember, focus on one task only.
  • Tip 10: Take Breaks
    • Do not forget to take a break. When you do one task in 1 hour, do not forget to rest for 5 minutes. For example, 25 minutes of completing a 5-minute break. Do light exercise or go for tea before you resume your work. This technique is known as the Pomodoro technique. Do not continue to complete your tasks for 2 hours straight, your brain and body also need rest to perform tasks optimally.

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  • Tip 11: Plan Your Monthly Activity
    • Usually plan your day, preferably if you can plan weekly or monthly. There is definitely a date that you already know what you need to do. Write a deadline or appointment on the draw date. This ensures that you will not forget the deadline or appointment and you are always ready to complete the task on time. Plan your activities as best you can to avoid confusion and this also reduces stress.
  • Tip 12: Plan Your Menu 
    • Plan your weekly menu. This is to help you know what ingredients to buy before you cook. You also do not have to waste time thinking about what you need to cook every day.
    • Prepare the ingredients in a covered container according to your daily menu in the refrigerator. Cut the ingredients that can be prepared in advance.
    • Chicken, meat, and fish can be prepared early and refrigerated. So during cooking just de-froze and cut other ingredients such as vegetables and onions only. This saves you time while cooking later.
    • I found some of the recipe ebooks that can help you to simplify the meal plan while cooking healthy foods.

meal plan

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  • Tip 13: Be flexible
    • There must be something going on in your daily life. If an emergency occurs and you do not follow what you plan to be a flexible person.
    • Delete less important tasks or ask for help from others. If you do not have time to cook, it is not wrong for you to buy food outside once in a while. This is life, we only plan, but God determines.

The Last Thing You Need to Know How To Be Productive As A Working Mom

In conclusion, we need to plan our lives well. A good plan makes our lives more manageable and productive. We will have time to do all the tasks quickly and there will be time to do what we like.

Whatever you do, do it according to your ability, and do not do the task at once, divide your time according to the needs of the task.

Productivity is not about preparing a lot of work. But complete a little but important task with quality work. That’s all for today. Do not forget to share if this post if it’s useful.

Wish you luck,


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