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Working Mum’s Blog Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

I am tired of looking around and seeing working mum like me who wants to find balance in work, family, money, and health. What I found is the blog is too specific in each topic and I just don’t like to read many blogs to find what I need. So many working moms are struggling with it, and they’re just hasn’t been a solid resource created to help them to balance their lifestyle. 

So I decided to build it. Let me explain what’s, why’s, and how’s right now.

Working Mum’s Blog Was Designed for Working Mum 

Working Mum’s Blog Was Designed for Working Moms With A Limited Time At Home But Able To Manage Her Home, Have Time To Do Activity With Her Family, While Maintaining Health And Making Money Enough For Her Lifestyle.

As a working mum, I always busy with my work and when I go home, I feel like I don’t have the energy to manage my home and cook the best meal for my family.  I want to have time for exercise, time for cooking better meals, time for my kids, time for me to rest, and time to do my business. Deep inside my mind, I always dream to be able to have more time doing activities with my kids, have a healthy body, perfect beautiful skin, and want to buy what I want.


I’m not the kind of woman who wants to buy luxury things to show off to other people around me. I just want to have a healthy lifestyle, healthy kids, and want to be the best mom for them while working full time happily.

To be honest, I want to make more money by working from home so I am able to quit my job and serve my family better. I just want to have a peaceful lifestyle without worrying about not enough time and money every day.

Working Mum Who Wants To Be Healthy 

In today’s life, our life always bombarded with a lot of diseases, viruses, and bacteria that can cause us sick. That’s not mean I am not a normal person that doesn’t want to get sick forever, but I just want to look good and have a high immune system that can protect me and my family from diseases and not having any type of serious illness in the future. I just want to age gracefully and want my kids to have the same.

In order to be a healthy person, exercise is very important while eating healthy food to maintain your body. Healthy food makes you look younger and full of energy too. I also want my kids to have this kind of thinking, but what I found is they tend to love more unhealthy processed food like sausage, burger, biscuits, and candies than eating real food. Luckily they still love vegetables and fruits. I just want to avoid or minimize bad food in my family.

Working Mum Who Wants To Be Have Time With Her Family

I work as early as 6.15 am in the morning and reach my home at 3.00 pm in the afternoon. When I reach home, my kids want to play and want to tell their stories to me. But because I’m too tired to play with them, I always say let’s play later or let’s talk after dinner. The only child that I have time for is my 18 months baby. I will ask my other kids to play by themselves and not making noises as I need to make my baby sleep so I can rest before cooking for dinner.

The sleeping time for me and my kids is 9.00 pm. Day by day it just past like that and I don’t have time to fulfill my promise to play with them. Sometimes I feel I’m not a good mother because I ignore my other child who also needs their mother like my baby.

Working Mum Who Wants To Buy What She Want And Never Worry About Money

As the only one who works in the family now, I have to manage my salary carefully. I need to pay for two houses, a car, and bills. You know, a healthy lifestyle needs more money than a regular lifestyle. I mean, buying organic and natural food is quite expensive here. But I try to at least have it even though is not 100% organic and natural lifestyle.

I am not a woman who spends my money on buying expensive clothes and skincare. Because most of my skincare I make myself. But my money is spent on things like healthy food like superfood beverages, kid’s stuff, and home organization products that can help me organize my home better. But sometimes my salary is not enough to buy anything I want whenever something more important comes up that needs me to pay or buy.  I need to prioritize which is more important and I just don’t like that when I already plan to buy that thing for a long time.

I just don’t want to think about not enough money. That’s it. That’s why I started my business as a side hustle, to able to support my lifestyle. For me, a healthy lifestyle is not as expensive as when you are sick. Prevention is better than cure.

Is Working Mum’s Blog Right For You?

This blog may be not the perfect blog you search for. But I will try my best to have the best resources that you can find on the internet. I hope this blog can help me and other working moms who have the same problems as me. By the way, if you know someone like me who needs this, don’t forget to share and subscribe. If you have anything to share like any blog that can help me or want to share your tips, feel free to comment below. That’s all for now, see you in the next blog post.

Have a great day,


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