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A to-do list is a must if you don’t want to forget something. Have you noticed,  at the end of the day, why most of the tasks on your to-do list, not done? Is something wrong with your to-do list? Let’s make it right by now. Why to do list makes you work slower and discover 4 reasons you should know today…

why to do list makes you work slower

A New Day Begin…

What are you planning to do today? The clock now shows at 8 am. You have just arrived at the office and started planning the daily task that you need to do that day.

“Send a document, print a B document, Call a customer, Type a document C, Check out the email, Check out Facebook, Prepare document D, Lunch, Laundry, Prepare dinner, Dinner, Take my kids from school, Filling gas, Meeting, Buying kitchenware. “

You list all the tasks one by one.  Now, think of your daily journey as follows:


You check your Facebook News Feed (hopefully only for a while) you see your friends post your pictures while you’re in school. You start to comment there, then you see news about your favorite artist. (The article is too long, but nevermind!) and you just continue reading it One by one post coming over and draws your attention. You look at the clock shows at 9.00 am

You’ve spent 1 hour on Facebook. Now you’re switching to the email, maybe there’s a document from your boss for you, you also subscribe to Lazada, Zalora, and Amazon and by chance, there is a Black Friday discount that happens only for today. You choose a beautiful nightdress that will be used for your annual dinner 5 months later.

For you, this is a golden opportunity because the discount is only for 1 day. So, it’s urgent to buy before the discount expired. Your heart is satisfied. You have a new dress. Yeah!


New Dress? How About A New Handbag?

Suddenly your friend reminds you, the meeting wanted to start. The clock now shows at 11.00 am. 1 hour has already been used. The meeting lasted for 2 hours. And now it’s at 1.00 pm. Time for lunch. You eat for another 1 hour while talking to your friends about the dinner clothes you just have bought.

And your friend has bought a dinner dress too. It’s about 1 hour spent talking about clothes. Now you want to find a handbag that matches the dress. Your time continues to bypass by just like that.

Why to do list makes you work slower

You go back to the office. Your stomach feels so full and now you begin to feel lazy, you read to see your to-do list again. And try to choose the next task. You call the customer asking for a Vip invitation for your annual dinner. 10 minutes taken to call. You are now continuing to complete the task of printing the document B.

When you go to the printers, your friend using the printer. As he prints you both talk. Unnoticed for half an hour was just wasted.

The clock is now around 3:00 pm, you have forgotten you want to send document A today as well. But there’s still something that needs to be edited. You began to stress because 2 hours later the working hours would end. You edit it carefully, not expecting too much to appear to be edited. It now stands at 4.45 pm.

You are happy to send documents timely. You rush home. Taking a child from school and stopping to fill in the almost empty car oil.

The traffic jam takes you home at 6:30. You forgot to buy kitchen items. And you just start cooking with what’s left in your kitchen. After finish cooking, you take a bath and now have dinner. The clock shows at 8:00 pm. because you are too tired, you watch tv with your family. The clock is now at 10.00 pm and the time to sleep.

Your day is stopped there. Sounds familiar? If I look at the list of tasks you listed this morning. There are some things you do not do.

“Typing C documents, Preparing document D,  and buying kitchenware.”

Let’s See What You Have Done

1. You chose the fun assignment first which is Facebook and email – Facebook is good at stealing your time. You plan to take a look just for a while, but many posts from your friends and links on Facebook make you forget about the other important task and want to continue with Facebook.

2. Email checking – There is too much email you receive in one day, so email checks can take up to 1 hour. Please unsubscribe email that you never read and try to limit the time to see the email by creating a reminder from your smartphone. Restrict Facebook or other social media and email once a day.

Why to do list makes you work slower

3. You do an assignment that is not on your list; shopping – Your list doesn’t have shopping. But because you get a discount email from Lazada, you just keep looking and shopping starts. I know shopping is fun. But you must know the difference between need and desire. Buying dinner clothes you are going to wear in the next 3 months is not important and can be done at other times.

4. You have too many conversations with your friends about printing B documents – Here’s another waste of time. You talk to your friends for the sake of waiting for them to finish printing their documents. Would not it be better if you do another assignment and ask your friends to let you know when he’s done? No need to wait until he finishes.

5. You eat slower – You take too long which is an hour to eat. I mean do not rush and only takes 5 minutes to eat. Eating needs to be enjoyed and we need to chew as best we can to ensure our digestive system is not burdened with bigger food size. If you want to talk and eat at the same time, limit it to 30 minutes. You finished eating and finished talking and there were an extra 30 minutes.

6. You choose an easy task like printing a document B – You did not pick the assignment by priority and chose the most important one. Maybe because it’s easier and does not require you to think. But it is better to make an important task first because you do not want to keep doing that. Making last-minute tasks makes you stressed because you rush to complete the task.

7. You do not do meal prep – Cook actually takes less time. Which makes long cooking time is a process of food preparation such as cutting onions, cutting vegetables and chicken or fish. Select 1 or 2 days a week, take 1 or 2 hours to prepare your weekly menu. When the time comes, you don’t waste your time and just take less time to cook.

Why To-Do List Makes You Work Slower And Not Effective?

This type of to-do list will make you work slower and ineffective because of the four following reasons:

1. No priority – This type of to-do list does not indicate which one is important and urgent. Choose at least three major tasks to be done that day.

why to-do list makes you work slower

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2. Easily procrastinate – You will be easy to procrastinate because when there is no priority you will assume all tasks are just as important and similar. So you’ll be entertaining Facebook and email first and focus on excitement over requirements.

3. No schedule – This to-do list is not effective because there is no time limit or time blocking for each listed task. Set a time limit for each task and stop when the timer runs out to do other tasks.

4. The list is too long – Your list is too long that there is no task that can not be done. You may choose 5 assignments for that day and choose 3 really important tasks. Prioritize the main task and create a time block with a reminder so you do not forget to do the important task.

You can read more productive tips here Top 13 Tips How To Be Productive As A Working Mom. So that’s the reason why a to-do list makes you work slower. That’s all for now, see you again in the next post.

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